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The Water attractions and SPA complex of Ventspils Water Amusement Park comprises two parts:

  • the part of water attractions;

  • the SPA part.

Air temperature in the complex is about + 28˚C, in the waving pool that is connected with the slides it is about + 26˚C, but in the children’s swimming pool, massage baths and whirlpools it is about + 36˚C.

The part of water attractions:

there is an artificial waving pool, 1,3 m deep, in the water amusement part, where waving is activated periodically once an hour. The swimming pool is equipped with back-stream massage and water jets. This part comprises also a hot swimming pool with water cascade and horizontal massage jets, a swimming pool for children with statuettes shaped as a snake, bird and mushroom, as well as two slides 53 m and 56 m long and 6 m high, "Mountain River", two SPA baths and sauna.

The SPA part:

of the Water attractions and the SPA complex comprises three different baths, the salt room, cold water pool, massage showers, cold water bucket and a generator of artificial ice.

In the aromatic vapour bath, the visitors can select four different aromas. In baths, saunas and the salt room sounds calming music.

The salt room is a premise, which walls, ceiling and floor are covered with a layer of special salt.  Resting in the salt room facilitates purification and revitalisation of the whole body, eliminates accrued stress and tiredness, improves skin structure and regulates natural metabolism, increases resistance capacity of the body against various diseases. Staying in the salt room is recommended for treatment of respiratory, lung and skin illnesses, as well as occupational illnesses. Using the salt room is recommended for smokers and those, who work in dusty or poorly ventilated premises, where air is conditioned and too dry. The salt room is advisable also for children with weak immune system, diathesis, allergies, bronchial asthma and other illnesses. Recommended time of resting in the salt room is 15 - 20 minutes

Duration of one visit of the Water attractions and the SPA complex of the Ventspils Water Amusement Park is 2 hours.

Rules for Visitors


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